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1.Scrap rate less than 0.5 percentages.
2.Customer complaint rate of ≤ 1%
3.Customer satisfaction above 95.
In order to achieve the company's quality policy, goals, take the following actions to continuous improve and improve product quality.
1.Top management works out the quality policy and quality goals to show commitment to quality management, and require all employees to customer oriented, solidarity, hard
work, continued to improve working methods, work together to improve the quality of products and services.
2.Through publicity, training and other ways, so that all employees understand the quality policy and quality objectives well, and set up a good awareness of quality, and constantly
improve the level of technology and management, and strive to do the right thing the first time, on-time delivery, customer satisfaction with the products.
3.The quality management system was established in ISO9001:2008, and confirmed through the statistical technique and as a basis for continuous improvement.
4.In order to achieve our quality goals, we maintain the system run effective with the professionals and implement effective corrective and preventive actions in site and eliminate the existing and potential defects, make sure the system runs with more perfect.
5.Closely cooperate with suppliers to ensure that their products meet the high quality standards with us.